Ayurveda Hospital

JP Institute of Ayurveda & Medical Sciences Ayurveda Hospital is a 100 bed, specialty hospital, consisting of multiple facilities to provide lifestyle management in an ayurvedic way under one roof. It provides comprehensive healthcare under the supervision of more than 30 ayurvedic doctors, under one roof.

It is built according to Vaastu, the ancient Indian architecture science, and surrounded by the ancient sacred herbal garden which absorbs cosmic energy thereby helping in the speedy recovery of the diseases. Patients are served with vegetarian diet, exclusively prepared from natural sources, collected from the Hospital’s own organic herbal gardens and dairy farm. The hospital has the following facilities enabling us to provide comprehensive therapy of patients:

  • Facilities for traditional therapies like Navarakizhi, Pizhicchil, Netrtarpana, Shirodhara, Udvartana, Svedana, Nasya and Basti, etc. are available.
  • 100 beds with special rooms and general ward
  • Full-fledged “Panchakarma” therapy rooms
  • Yoga and Meditation hall
  • Operation theatre for Kshara Sutra, etc.
  • Prasutigrha (Labour theatre)
  • Pyramid Therapy facility
  • Various Kalpas & Treatments


JP Institute of Ayurveda & Medical Sciences Patna Bihar

JP Institute of Ayurveda & Medical Sciences Ayurved hospital has been placed just behind JP Institute of Ayurveda & Medical Sciences Medical Campus. This Institute is spacious and fully equipped with all the modern amenities including laboratories, 9 OPDs, spacious in patient wards, operation theatre, labour room, a dedicated panchakarma therapy section for male and female separately, a dedicated physiotherapy treatment centre  huge parking area & offices as per the minimum standard requirements of Central Council Indian Medicine (CCIM) norms. The hospital is registered under clinical establishment Act

  1. Reception
  2. Registration counter
  3. Spacious OPD complex each for every specialty with good seating arrangement for doctors, waiting hall for patients and relatives.
  4. Indoor wards – clean, well equipped and manned.
  5. Free medicines to indoor and OPD Patients.
  6. Free food for indoor patients.
  7. Diagnostic facilities – ECG, X-ray, Sonography, Central Clinical Laboratory (CCL)
  8. Special OPDs – Pain management OPD, Cosmetic skin care OPD, Garbhsanskar OPD, physiotherapy treatment centre.
  9. Bio- medical waste management.
  10. Swasthavritta OPD (Immunity Clinic) – For preventive aspect of Ayurved offering diet consultation, yoga, lifestyle management, guidance for prevention of diseases or improving immunity power.
  11. Fever OPD – For screening of fever patients related to COVID pandemic and other epidemic diseases.
  12. A dedicated Panchakarma therapy section-
  • Separate sections for male and female patients with treatment such as having well equipped Snehana,  Shirodhara, Swedana,  Nasya, Vamana, Virechna, Basti Room with attached toilet facility.