JP Institute of Ayurveda & Medical Sciences

Due to its holistic approach, Ayurveda is now becoming an international healing art. Many countries are seriously thinking of implementing Ayurveda as a major health science. Since the main raw materials of Ayurvedic formulations are medicinal plants, and they are grown mainly in India, the Commercial Cultivation of these plants is guaranteed to garner in a rich source of income in the near future.

Institute is involved in preservation and cultivation of medicinal plants by developing medicinal herbal gardens, sacred herbal gardens and distributing free medicinal plants for general public. Various awareness programmes related to the identification and common use of medicinal plants, method of cultivation and importance of commercial cultivation is being regularly organized by the Hospital.

Herbal gardens are developed in patna at Ayurveda college campus, this medicinal plant gardens and sacred herbal gardens are developed at patna  over an area of 4200 square metres. Around 1500 medicinal plants across 258 species are available in college campus with good irrigation facility. Herbal garden is attached with a demonstration room of about 50 square metres. A green house is erected to maintain the plants that require regulated climatic conditions.